At WorldRemit, we make it easy to send money to your friends and family back home. To make your experience even more convenient, we’ve put together an overview of how our features help you get the best possible experience every single time.

1. Keep your account details up to date

Always keep your account details up to date, so that your transfers get where they need to be in time. Luckily, changing your WorldRemit account information is super convenient - all you need to do is visit our app or website and navigate to the “My details” section.

Here’s how to manage your account:

  • Edit personal details: Manage your account, correct mistakes and update your personal information
  • Edit or delete recipients: Manage your recipients’ details to reduce the risk of making mistakes later
  • Verification: Complete the verification of your account before you transact with us. Visit your account details and select “Complete your verification
  • Delete stored cards: Manage or delete cards stored on your WorldRemit account
  • PIN & Biometric authentication: Sign-in securely without any hassle, so that you can send money in no time! (App only)

2. Help us keep you safe

Our phones contain an incredible amount of personal information; from passwords to your payment information, you want to assure that your data won’t get into the wrong hands.

And while we do most of the security work ourselves, there are ways for you to help us:

  1. Choose strong and unique passwords that you don’t use on other websites for both your email and WorldRemit accounts
  2. Secure the access to your phone with a PIN code, passcode or, if possible, fingerprint or facial recognition
  3. Don’t share your account information with anyone else - even family members
  4. Always use your own bank account to pay for your transfer

Learn more about our Privacy and Security.

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3. Manage your transfers in the WorldRemit way

With us, you can send money online to 130 countries worldwide. But we don’t stop there! WorldRemit gives you total transparency of where your money is at each stage of the transfer process and helps you manage your transfers via mobile app or website.

What features help you to manage your transfers?

  • Transfer history: At all times, you can view all ongoing and completed transfers and download receipts
  • Transfer status: Check on the whereabouts of your money transfer. In your account settings, you can also choose to opt-in for WhatsApp updates on your transfer status
  • Resend transfer: Why should you input the same details again and again? Skip unnecessary steps and re-send your transfer!
  • Edit or cancel transfers: If your transfer is available for edits or cancellation, you can do this directly via our platforms

4. Fair prices, better transfers

We want you to get the best rates and pay the lowest fees possible. That’s why we keep working on reducing costs while staying transparent and upfront about our fees and exchange rates.

Wondering how we compare to other transfer services? Based on the World Bank’s data, we’ve calculated that our prices are, on average, 46% cheaper than sending money abroad using these banks. We’re also, on average, 22% cheaper than Ria, Western Union and Moneygram. Find out more about our pricing comparison here.

These features will help you get the best value for your money:

  • Pricing calculator: See the total cost of sending money prior to submitting your transfer. You can access the Pricing Calculator via our homepage, or mobile app
  • Exchange rates notifications: Find out the best times to send money with the exchange rate of your choice via FX updates (App only)
  • Promo notifications: In your WorldRemit account section, opt-in for the latest promotions and deals (App only)
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5. Work with your recipients

To avoid any hiccups along the way, it’s best to ensure that your recipient details are correct before you send your transfer. Here are the most important details to confirm with your recipients:

  • Cash pick up: Recipient’s name (in the correct order) as stated on their ID
  • Bank transfer: Varies depending on receiving country (sort code, routing number, SWIFT…)
  • Mobile money: Incorrect mobile money provider or mobile money account
  • Airtime top up: Recipient’s phone number

Recipients can also enjoy the convenience of monitoring their transfers through our WorldRemit Transfer Tracker app - available for more than 50 countries via Google Store.

6. Keep an eye out for emails

Always keep an eye on your email inbox for possible communication from us, so that you don’t miss out on any updates and requests regarding your account or transfer.

What kind of emails will you receive from us?

  • Confirmation of your transfer details or any cancellations and amendments
  • Requests for additional information about your account or transfer
  • Important changes in WorldRemit services
  • Updates about our promotions or discounts (you don’t want to miss those!)

Ready to send money with us?