WorldRemit is dedicated to helping customers stay connected to those they love—thousands of miles away—and we also work to help families realise their dreams of a brighter future.

In November 2020, we launched a seasonal competition in partnership with Grainsmart - the largest rice retailer & franchisor in the Philippines. We gave our customers the chance to win a home business for the budding entrepreneurs in their Filipino families; a business that in some cases could lift them, their family and friends out of poverty.

“We’re so pleased to give recipients this great opportunity to start a business that will help them to support their families and become more financially stable. The franchisees have the option to expand these businesses and potentially create job opportunities for members of the wider community. This underlines our commitment to helping overseas Filipino Workers to support those dearest to them back home.”
Earl Melivo, Country Director for the Philippines at WorldRemit

As well as the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipinos have also had to deal with the devastation caused by Super Typhoon Goni and Typhoon Vamco, which have displaced thousands and destroyed livelihoods. So, this initiative goes some way to giving a little hope to a few deserving families.

The prize

There were 10 Grainsmart Pangkabuhayan packages worth PHP 200,000 to be won. The packages included everything the lucky beneficiary would need to set up shop;

  • 60 sacks (25 kg each) of rice
  • A tablet that’s fully set up for a bills payment center account
  • Business signage, marketing collateral, and other business paraphernalia
  • An online training and mentorship program to provide guidance for setting up the business for success

Customers qualified for the promotion by sending money to the Philippines and nominating a beneficiary of their choice. The winners include frontline healthcare workers and teachers from a number of countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The lucky beneficiaries will now be opening Grainsmart stores across the Philippines in places that include Cebu, Davao, San Carlos and Tagum City.

“It’s an honour to partner with a company like WorldRemit that shares our values. With many of the franchise contracts already signed, this promotion will create sustainable jobs and also give much-needed support to Filipino farmers, many of whom are facing challenges due to the pandemic and recent natural disasters.”
Benjamin Batac, CEO at Grainsmart

Winning stories...

...from New Zealand

Ma Teresa S. Olis lives and works in Christchurch as an IT support engineer and vlogger. She is also the eldest daughter and the main breadwinner for her family. Delighted to be one of the 10 winners - she chose Josephine, her youngest sister, as her beneficiary.

Josephine takes care of two small children, as well their mother so she needs a job that is flexible. Winning this Grainsmart store is perfect, as she’ll be able to choose her working hours and have some financial independence.

...from Australia

Analou Sua who works at a care home in Queensland is both a winner and beneficiary. She’s so grateful to WorldRemit for giving her the opportunity to start her own business, which also includes her family. Her brother Antonio will help her manage the Pangkabuhayan package in VillMan where he works as a computer technician. They’ve already signed the Grainsmart contract and are looking at expanding the business and renting a place to start a mini supermarket.

“Winning this opportunity has brought a lot of joy as the last few years have been so difficult for me and my family.”
Analou Sua

...from the US

Winner and beneficiary Mayvonne Morales was born and raised in Cebu, but has lived in Las Vegas for the last 30 years. She found out about the competition when she was sending money to a friend in need of financial help. A screen popped up asking her if she wanted to enter in a draw for pangkabuhayan in the Philippines. She filled out the form, sent and promptly forgot about it.

“When I received the call to say I had won the prize I thought it was a scam because I’ve been wanting to open a rice or grocery store in the Philippines for so long! I’m so happy with this opportunity given to me after my retirement to continue my journey here in the Philippines and to touch people’s lives in my own little way”.
Mayvonne Morales

...from Canada

Winner Cleofe Kreutzmann emigrated to Canada in 2006 to search for ways to help family. She had a promising career as a romance novelist and entrepreneur in the Philippines, but decided to go abroad to be of more help to her family. She’s given the prize to her sister, Monneth - offering her the opportunity to start a business in Paranaque for the benefit of the whole family.

“The Pangkabuhayan Package we won will not only give us the jump start we need for a solid and long-lasting enterprise but ensure that poverty will hopefully no longer continue into the next generation of our family”.
Cleofe Kreutzmann