Michele Teboul

Michele is an experienced and award-winning advertising copy, content and script writer. She has worked as a Senior Copywriter with WorldRemit over the last 4 years.

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Zaawadi: The Kenyan artist making an impact on social media

Zaawadi, the Kenyan born model, and visual artist aims to visually represent African people and create content that evokes emotion.…

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Tips on bringing up money savvy kids

WorldRemit is passionate about supporting education. We bring you a few tips to help you teach your children to be money savvy as they grow into adults.…


Community football opens up a world of possibilities

Football truly is a beautiful game. Its players delight fans with their skill, flair, talent and sheer charisma. And it brings communities together in shared love and appreciation.…

Money Transfer

The best money transfer services to South Africa

Do you need to send money to South Africa? You want to use a money transfer service that's fast, secure and offers great value and convenience. We've prepared some tips for you.…

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How to send money from South Africa

We make money transfer fast, simple and secure. And whichever method you choose to send your money online with us, it only takes a few simple steps. Learn how to send money to Zimbabwe from South Africa…


WorldRemit features that make money transfers simple

We continually listen to customer feedback so that we can improve our money transfer services with better products and features. Check out some of our newest features – features that make us the best choice for international money transfer.…


Celebrating 6 black inventors who shaped our world

Did you know that CCTV was invented by an African American nurse? To celebrate Black History Month, we take a look at some of these inventions and the people who created them.…


Festivals that light up our world

From Diwali to Christmas and Hanukkah, we look at the festivals that bring light and joy at what’s often the darkest time of the year.…