Our partners in Zimbabwe will now add 3% to the amount that your recipient receives when you send money with WorldRemit

For example, if you send US$100 your recipient should receive US$103.

Here’s how it works:

• Mobile Money. EcoCash will add an additional 3% to your recipient’s Mobile Money account.
• Cash pickup. Steward Bank and Kaah Express will pay out an additional 3% to your recipient.
• Bank deposit. When sending a bank deposit, your recipient’s bank will credit their account with an additional 3%.

The confirmation email and SMS that you receive from WorldRemit will still show the original amount that you have sent with us. The additional 3% should be credited by the relevant bank or payout network and reflected in your recipient’s account statement automatically.

Since this is not a WorldRemit sponsored offer, if the bonus is not added please contact the relevant bank or payout network dealing with your transfer (e.g. for Mobile Money, please contact EcoCash).

Please note

1. WorldRemit accepts no liability in the event that the 3% is not added to your beneficiary’s receive amount. This is due to the fact that the initiative or our partners’ participation in the initiative could be suspended at any time and this will be for reasons wholly outside our control. In the event this occurs, we will make reasonable endeavours to notify you of this change. 

2. This initiative applies to person-to-person remittances only.