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Online-Aufladung von Airtel Prepaid Karten

Instant airtime top-up to Nigeria

Mobile airtime top-up is added to Airtel phones instantly. If you want to top-up the airtime on an Airtel mobile in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, we can help. At WorldRemit, we provide a fast, safe and extremely simple airtel online recharge service that allows you to send more ‘talk time’ or ‘credit’ to any prepaid Airtel phone. That makes staying in touch with friends and family while living or working in Nigeria a breeze.

  • Always zero fees on airtime top-up.
  • You will need the recipient's phone number.

What is Airtel?

Airtel is an Indian global telecommunications company based in New Delhi in India, which operates in 18 countries across South Asia and Africa. It is one of the most commonly used mobile phone networks in Nigeria. Many of the mobiles used in Nigeria are prepaid, which makes Airtel top-up a very popular service.

What can airtime be used for?

Airtime is used to pay for the calls made, texts sent and data used on a prepaid phone. Airtime is usually topped up by an individual using a scratch card or a pin number, but our airtime top-up service allows family members and friends to top-up Airtel phones of those in Nigeria electronically. Once an airtime top-up has been made, that money cannot be converted back into cash and can only be used to pay for calls, texts and data.

How do I do an Airtel top-up?

The process is really simple. All you need to know is the number and the network of the phone you want to top-up. You can then enter those details into the box on the right-hand side of this screen, choose the amount of airtime to wish to transfer and the process will take place almost immediately. As soon as the top-up is complete, you and the recipient will receive an SMS notification. The transfer is not only fast and secure, but there are also no fees.

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