UK Terms Update

Our terms and conditions for UK customers are being updated from 17th July 2019. Here we answer some questions about the new terms and conditions.

What’s happening to UK Terms and Conditions?

We’re updating the terms and conditions for customers who send money from the UK.

Why are we updating the T&Cs?

The T&Cs have been updated to bring them in line with the latest legal requirements. Many of the points already apply to customers who send from the UK but it is necessary to include them in the T&Cs to make things clearer and easier for you to follow.

Do customers need to take any action?

No, an email will be sent to UK customers from 13th May – 17th May 2019 for information. If you continue to use the service and send money from the UK, we will assume they have accepted the new terms when they come into effect.

Who does the new terms and conditions apply to?

The updated terms and conditions apply to customers using WorldRemit from the UK.

When do they take effect?

These take effect and supersede the current terms and conditions from 17th July 2019.

What impact will this have on the existing service I use?

Customers who use our service under the existing terms and conditions will see no interruption or change to the existing way in how they can send money. Changes in reference to the digital money account relates to new functionality which will be soon available in addition to our existing services.

What’s different in the new T&Cs?

We’re making changes to the following topics:

Payment Processing:

We’ve clarified when we must process a transaction and when we may refuse to do so. Previously, this was not contained within one part of our terms and conditions. Now we have brought them together into one location. Under the law, we must process payments once an instruction is given unless we have stated why we can refuse, or delay and our reasons must be fair. There several reasons (in clause 7) we may highlight on but they generally they relate to suspected fraud or a breach of our terms. This should now be clearer for you.

How we make changes to Terms and Conditions:

We’ve stated that we can change the terms and conditions from time to time, either through emailing you in advance, or by letting a you accept new terms and conditions on the website or app.

WorldRemit now has less opportunity to change terms in some circumstances, providing you with more certainty. The new wording in clause 17 allows us to vary the terms in reasonable scenarios whilst making sure that it is fair for you.

Processing Speed:

We’ve added information about the completion times for transactions (clause 5.9), in line with legal requirements. We now publish processing speeds so it is easier for you to see when your payment will be processed. Customers can see this information either in the terms and conditions or if they head to and select the country they want to send money to. There, they’ll see the processing times for each service.


We’re informing customers that they must keep their security details safe as part of their agreement with WorldRemit. If you notice any unauthorised access to their account, or if you lose their details, you must let us know. In clauses 3.6-3.7 we clarify what steps should be taken to keep your account secure.

Repayment of funds if received in error or illegally

We have explained when customers must repay money. If the customer received funds in error or illegally, we will we ask for the money to be returned and expect that they cooperate with us. This is a legal requirement (clauses 4.4-4.6).

Unauthorised/incorrect payments

We’ve made it easier for customers to understand when we will return funds if you inform us about an unauthorised or incorrect payment. These legal requirements are the same as before, but it is now explained more clearly (clause 13).

Account closure

We’ve explained the reasons why we may need to close a customer’s account, e.g. account compromise or fraudulent use of account (clause 15. This is a new provision, and a legal requirement. 

Decision to terminate agreement

We’ve clarified the scenarios where either we or the customer could end the agreement. The changes are a legal requirement and provide customers with more transparency and flexibility (clause 18).

Transfer of rights

We’ve made changes relating to the assignment of rights. i.e., whether a customer can transfer legal rights to another person. Clauses 20.3-20.4 describe how you cannot transfer your rights under your agreement with us, including any right to money held in their account to another person. You also can't use any money we hold for you as collateral.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

You can view the terms and conditions here.